The success of any business enterprise depends on the quality of its people, equipment and process.

Process is an important element of the people-equipment-process triangle, which dictates continuous optimization with respect to performance. It is therefore very important to include monitoring systems in the process to achieve consistent deliverables of good quality. Understanding the need for consistency in quality, MB Petroleum became one of the first certified companies in Oman for the ISO 9001:2000.

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A new Production Services Department is Born

To answer the ever increasing call for Multi Phase metering and boosting services, MB Production Services has created a new service department: MPT.


MB Rig 01 completed a record of 4 LTI free years. The milestone became possible because of the excellent supervision, dedication and commitment of the Rig crew and the support and encouragement of the head office. The achievement also underlined the fact that the MB group's motto Safety First was no empty slogan but a living reality, a way of life and a way of doing business.