Subsidiary companies of the MB Petroleum Group train people who wish to learn and grow with the Group. The Group provides a holistic training to the new recruit, fresh from an academic institution, to undergo a well structured on-the-job and off-the-job training program delivered by the best faculties and coached by experienced managers and engineers. Similarly, experienced personnel joining the company are encouraged to join a refresher program and then advanced in-house or external training programs. The company also encourages higher studies and formal advance degree programs in renowned universities in the home country or abroad. Financial support is provided to high potential deserving employees for their continuous learning. The group's exhaustive competency framework and assessment process guide employees to develop themselves and supports them in career development plans.


MB Petroleum believes that it can contribute to socio-economic development of the places of its operation by making investments on development of the local workforce. In Oman, HR strategies and plans are focused to achieve Omanisation of 90% by 2011. To achieve this goal, the HR department arranged a number of training courses for staff to improve their capabilities and competences. The Group's policy is to develop its employees particularly in providing the nationals with excellent career opportunities

MB Petroleum reached 70% Omanisation in 2004, when some of the rigs were manned 100% by Omanis, from rig managers to roustabouts and helpers. Through on-the-job training programs Omani employees were given the opportunity to become rig managers.

MB Petroleum gets Omanisation Award

The Ministry of Manpower has given an Omanisation Award to MB Petroleum. The award is in recognition of MB Petroleum's contribution to the employment, training and development of Omani nationals in the oil and gas industry. Mrs. Sharifa Al-Harthy, the deputy chairperson of MB Holding, was also given an award for her efforts in promoting Omanisation within the company. The awards are part of the Ministry's commitment to honour the efforts of private sector establishments to drive the Omanisation process.

MB Petroleum has continued to set exemplary standards for others to follow in nurturing and development of Omani human resources. The company gives highest priority to create ample opportunities for the self-development and professional growth of its employees. It conducts several customised training programmes to impart new skills and technical knowledge to Omanis to suit their aptitude and requirements of the organization. Firmly believing that its greatest assets are people, the company spares no effort in ensuring the well being of its employees by helping them to develop themselves in their personal and professional lives.

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A new Production Services Department is Born

To answer the ever increasing call for Multi Phase metering and boosting services, MB Production Services has created a new service department: MPT.


MB Rig 01 completed a record of 4 LTI free years. The milestone became possible because of the excellent supervision, dedication and commitment of the Rig crew and the support and encouragement of the head office. The achievement also underlined the fact that the MB group's motto Safety First was no empty slogan but a living reality, a way of life and a way of doing business.