MB Drilling Fluids

MB Petroleum Drilling Fluids (MBDF) is one of the largest drilling fluids service providers and chemical suppliers in the Middle East. MBDF has developed cost effective mud engineering solutions for drilling complications like shale inhibition, abnormal pressure and temperature using both water and oil based mud. The division has also successfully engineered wells demanding the use of carefully balanced chemical formulations in order to control subsurface pressures and to perform a variety of other essential down-hole functions.

MBDF has experience in drilling exploratory, appraisal and development wells, which may be vertical or horizontal. The department has a wide experience in formulating drilling fluids for drilling complex geology with high H2S content and high temperatures. This has resulted in a rapid increase in the number of drilling contractors and operator company clients. MBDF has drilled more than 3000 wells in Oman and Qatar.

MBDF employs a multinational workforce of qualified and experienced Drilling Fluid Engineers who cater to different contracts. Major clients include Petroleum Development of Oman (PDO), Qatar Petroleum (QP), Occidental, Elf Petroleum, Philips Petroleum, Anadarko, Petrogas, Daleel Petroleum, KCA Deutag Drilling Co., Schlumberger Drilling, Fortress Energy Services (Sante Fe), Oil Drilling and Exploration (ODE), Precision Drilling Services, MB Drilling Services, and Japan Drilling Co., and Essar Oil.

Apart from Engineering services, MB Drilling Fluids provides integrated services with Drilling Fluids Engineering, Chemicals, Centrifuge and Brine filtration unit.

Laboratory Services

MBDF operates dedicated laboratory facilities, managed by qualified and experienced chemists, to carry out tests and analysis on well fluids and chemicals for operational and quality control purposes. These tests are performed both on the client's request and for quality assurance of chemicals. Laboratory work evaluates the behavior of chemicals and drilling fluid formulations under simulated downhole conditions of temperature and pressure. Our chemists undertake R&D work to develop new products and formulations for field applications. The laboratories are also utilized to train new engineers.

Chemical Supplies

MBDF supplies various oilfield chemicals required for drilling, completion services, maintenance of oil and gas wells and for crude oil treatment. MBDF has a wide experience in handling complete drilling fluids additives packages with engineering services. The department customizes Production Chemicals such as Demulsifiers, Deoilers, H2S scavengers, Scale/Corrosion inhibitors, Oxygen scavengers, Biocides and Drag reducers for specific field and crude requirements. MBDF has agreements and agencies with many of the leading chemical manufacturers in the field.

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A new Production Services Department is Born

To answer the ever increasing call for Multi Phase metering and boosting services, MB Production Services has created a new service department: MPT.


MB Rig 01 completed a record of 4 LTI free years. The milestone became possible because of the excellent supervision, dedication and commitment of the Rig crew and the support and encouragement of the head office. The achievement also underlined the fact that the MB group's motto Safety First was no empty slogan but a living reality, a way of life and a way of doing business.