Our wisdom in management affairs and standards defines who we are and reflects on how we perform. Our core values of honesty blended with integrity and respect for human beings are at the very heart of how we manage our day to day business. They have been incorporated in our Business Principles, which includes our commitment to the well-being of our workforce.

MB Petroleum places a strong emphasis on Human Resources (HR) development and seeks to attract and develop motivated people who demonstrate professional competence and integrity in performing their jobs. The group provides employees with the necessary policies, guidelines and standards to raise their awareness of what is expected of them and support development programs to prepare them for increased responsibilities and leadership qualities.

A Global Group with Multicultural Work Force Subsidiary companies of the MB Petroleum Group operating in various parts of the world employ nationals and maintain a healthy ratio between the nationals and expatriates. The company believes in making investments on the development of the national workforce and nationals take business leadership positions. Expatriates working with MB Petroleum are expert professionals and skilled tradesmen, they are expected to coach and develop the nationals to be future business leaders and skilled technical hands.

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A new Production Services Department is Born

To answer the ever increasing call for Multi Phase metering and boosting services, MB Production Services has created a new service department: MPT.


MB Rig 01 completed a record of 4 LTI free years. The milestone became possible because of the excellent supervision, dedication and commitment of the Rig crew and the support and encouragement of the head office. The achievement also underlined the fact that the MB group's motto Safety First was no empty slogan but a living reality, a way of life and a way of doing business.